State of Green Economy Report 2017: Partnerships for Prosperity

Apr 10, 2017

April 2017, Dubai (UAE) – Photo: Shutterstock

Sustainability begins at home, or so the mantra goes. It then ends at the closed door of the private enterprise.

This means that steps must be taken towards economic and environmental development as unified front.

The State of Green Economy Report 2017 in the UAE stressed that if countries are to take a global stand against climate change, they first need to take action within their own borders, primarily through key figures in business and community spheres.

Public-private cooperation is the backbone of a “green economy”, a sustainability system that thrives off the diversification of economic activities; the preservation of natural resources; and the dissemination of knowledge.

The report detailed the United Arab Emirates’ leading role in a much-needed reevaluation of energy consumption in the Middle East, where the fiery effects of climate change have only just begun.

As part of the UAE Vision 2021, both the Abu Dhabi and Dubai governments have outlined plans for long-term sustainable development in infrastructure, transportation, and energy. With the help of players from the private sector, the UAE hopes to mold itself into the region’s first sustainable tourism and business hub.

But good faith isn’t enough to get investors running. Mitigated risk is. Assurances need to be made that sustainable companies aren’t sunken ones. Fortunately, it’s a concern that’s becoming increasingly dated in the age of the electric car.

Neither should companies have to fear being stifled by sustainable benchmarks.  Lower costs, innovative workarounds, heightened brand image and job creations – not to mention a healthier environment – are all long-term benefits awaiting eco-friendly businesses.

The report also highlighted the role education plays in building a green society. Promoting sustainability early on benefits everyone: the student, the family, the community – and the company that can forgo environmental seminars thanks to its sustainably-minded workforce.

175 countries signed the Paris Climate Agreement in 2015. Countless more important players rest within each of these states. Opening the door to sustainable cooperation across all sectors is key to a brighter future for not just the UAE, but the world.

The State of Green Economy Report 2017, published by the World Green Economy Summit, was sponsored by Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) and Dubai Carbon. The report is also endorsed by the United Nations Development Programme Country Office in the UAE

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