Human Development

UNDP is supporting the UAE to broaden the base of the national debate on human development beyond traditional financial growth. This support comes at the same time as a diagnosis of the current status of human development in the UAE through suggestions of innovative policies to decision-makers, in their quest to draw attention to reforms that will allow the UNDP to achieve greater developmental opportunities.more

Our Goals

UNDP will work with the UAE government to expand job opportunities for both men and women and ensure greater alignment of new skills with the demands of the economy. This will include the emerging ‘knowledge economy’. UNDP will support new employment through the development of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), value-chain development and entrepreneurship training. It will also include measures to strengthen the connection between education and sustainable employment. Finally, UNDP will support the formulation of labour market assessments, disaggregated by gender, at both national and emirate levels, and capacity building for key labour market institutions to further support labour market restructuring in light of the country’s goals.more

Human Development

UNDP has supported efforts to integrate human development into planning and action Democratic Governance. (Photo: Allan Wilson /

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Projects and Initiatives

  • The 2011-2012 Human Development Report is Abu Dhabi’s maiden report on the state of human development in the emirate. The report reflects Abu Dhabi’s concern for human development as evidenced by the development plans and programs it has adopted towards achieving progress. The report reveals an advanced level of human development which the emirate was able to realize over the last four decades in the chief areas of education, health and standard of livingmore 

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