Alt text for imageOur efforts are strengthening participatory federalism, enhancing good governance and accountability, and improving service delivery. (Photo: National Bureau of Statistics, UAE)

Supporting institutional development and good governance

Good governance and the performance of public institutions are critical for advancing human development and for sustaining the competitive advantage of nations. Through partnership with the highest levels of government such as the Ministry of Presidential Affairs, the Prime Minister’s Office, the Ministry of Economy, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and local governments, UNDP will focus on improving the responsiveness of government institutions and on the modernisation of the public administration at national and local levels. This aims to enhance accountability, transparency and the efficiency of public institutions and the civil service.

UNDP will provide support and technical expertise for policy coherence and the implementation of a whole-government approach in support of the country’s guiding principle of effective coordination and cooperation among federal and local governments. Assistance will be provided to support strategic policy-making and to build legislative capacity for working with the Ministry of Cabinet Affairs and the Federal National Council.

UNDP will support governments in the Northern Emirates by helping to build public institutions and capacities, enhance efficiency and accountability, strengthen public management systems, improve public service delivery and access through e-government services, and implement information and communications technology strategies for sustainable development.

UNDP will continue to support the country in building capacities for gender-sensitive human development research and MDG tracking. UNDP will promote the public sector knowledge economy through the production of high-quality knowledge products across a broad spectrum of development and governance themes.

Finally, UNDP will support the country’s competitiveness agenda and work closely with the Emirates Competitiveness Council to enhance the competitiveness, integrity and excellence of public institutions and performance. Furthermore, it will work closely with the Ministry of Labour and other organizations such as Tanmiya and Tatweer to develop and implement integrated human resource development strategies to build national capacities for policy-making, results-based management, and monitoring and evaluation.

Enhancing national capacities and leadership for international cooperation

In highly developed countries such as the United Arab Emirates, UNDP provides policy advisory services to governments and acts in turn as a conduit to channel their experience and expertise to the rest of the world. In the United Arab Emirates, UNDP will align its policy advisory services with the country’s strategic goal of sustaining a ‘strong global standing’ and its ambition to become a world leader in human development. To that effect, UNDP will focus on the following:

1. Advice

The United Arab Emirates has ratified a number of United Nations conventions and international agreements. As it becomes a more prominent actor on the international scene, committed to international standards and principles, UNDP will provide policy advice and technical expertise to support the country’s efforts in developing effective measures to respond to the requirements, recommendations and reporting obligations of such treaties.

2. Development assistance

To strengthen the country’s stature among new emerging donors and leaders in international development assistance, UNDP will provide policy advice and technical expertise in strengthening its aid programme, support the articulation of a new development assistance architecture, and assist in channelling official development assistance to globally agreed development goals in line with agreements made a the Fourth High Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness held in Busan in 2011. 

3. Knowledge management tools and South-South cooperation programmes

These will be designed to enhance the country’s international position. UNDP will work closely with the Federal National Council and the Ministry of Justice in sharing knowledge and expertise as well as developing models for enhancing access to information, policy research and analysis, and legal expertise.

4. Programme management, monitoring and evaluation

It is proposed that the Ministry of Economy and UNDP establish a joint planning and review mechanism to approve annual work plans and monitor results based on country programme results and a resource framework. Other United Nations and non-governmental organizations, and foundations and private sector representatives may be asked to participate in these meetings. This forum will help to clearly distinguish between the role of UNDP in national development – as a broker of international knowledge and best practice and as a channel to the United Nations – versus the role of consulting firms. UNDP will also continue to explore ways and means to attract and retain qualified national staff through collaboration with universities, and secondments from government.

The country programme will be managed under national execution with UNDP as a key implementing partner. Evaluations will be conducted during the programme cycle to assess the impact of UNDP policy interventions for transformative change and delivery of results in a timely and effective manner. Such evaluations will include gender-responsive indicators. Similarly, the resource mobilisation estimate of US$15M for this country programme will be reviewed with the government to assess the financial feasibility and cost effectiveness of achieving results; it will also discuss options for new funding instruments. UNDP proposes to estabish a regular funding base for this country programme in consultation with all national stakeholders that will enter into partnership with UNDP to deliver it between 2013-2017 and explore its expected results.

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