UNDP and the UN System

The Resident Coordinator System

The Resident Coordinator (RC) system encompasses all organizations of the United Nations system dealing with operational activities for development, regardless of their formal presence in the country. The RC system aims to bring together the different UN agencies to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of operational activities at the country level.

Coordinating development operations promotes more strategic support for national plans and priorities, makes operations more efficient and reduces transaction costs for governments. This helps the UN to be a more relevant and reliable partner for governments.

The UN Resident Coordinator

The Resident Coordinator role is pivotal to the success of the United Nations in each of the countries. The Resident Coordinator leads and strategically positions the United Nations country team in support of national priorities, development strategies, and plans.

Resident Coordinators lead United Nations Country Teams (UNICT) and are the designated representatives of the Secretary-General for development operations. They funded and managed by UNDP. They advocate for the interests and mandates of the UN system while drawing on the support and guidance of the entire UN family.

The United Nations Country Team

The United Nations Country Team (UNCT)  encompasses all the entities of the UN system that carry out operational activities for development, emergency, recovery and transition in programme countries. A well-functioning UNCT allows each organization to be more effective than acting alone.

The main purpose of the country team is for individual agencies to plan and work together, and to ensure the delivery of tangible results in support of the development agenda of each Government.

All UNCT members have direct-line accountability to their own organization, as well as collegial accountability to the Resident Coordinator and rest of the UNCT.



The Resident Coordinator System in UAE

Several UN agencies have set up major operations in the UAE and been hosted in Dubai Humanitarian City. Some of these agencies are operating under the basic agreement between UNDP and the Government of the UAE and are generally reliant upon UNDP for logistical support.

Currently, there are thirteen UN agencies with presence in the UAE, working from both Abu Dhabi and Dubai. WFP, UNDSS and UNHCR activities are based from International Humanitarian City in Dubai, and mainly serve other countries in the region and beyond the region. Non-resident UN agencies have activities in the country which are generally implemented in cooperation with UNDP or with relevant Government entities.

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