Producing the Human Development Report in the United Arab Emirates

What is the project about?

National Human Development Reports (NHDRs) have been used throughout the world to promote the concept of human development with the aim of stimulating dialogue on principal development issues and to monitor the status of human development by providing facts and figures, which measure progress and pinpoint areas that require improvement.


Understanding the specific development challenges on a national level is essential in order to be able to meet them. UNDP believes this can only happen through independent research and rigorous academic investigation. For the second time, with the support of UNDP, UAE University aims at producing the autonomous National Human Development Report 2017. This report is set to become a key advocacy tool for UAE University and UNDP, enabling the government to form more effective policy in the country and addressing its most critical development challenges. The importance of the preparation of the second Human Development Report in the UAE lies in its contribution to place human development and people-centred policies at the forefront of the country’s policy agendas. Considering that since 1997, no HDR has been published at UAE level, this report will be used to lay the ground and provide a strong analytical basis on different components comprising and contributing to human development.


The report will set out key recommendations for UAE and shall identify challenges and outline several proposals for closing gaps in economic, social, political and cultural inequalities. In addition, this joint cooperation will result in co-organising an international forum to launch the report and provide a platform for dialogue to the relevant stakeholders across the countries to offer both a means of gathering intelligence on a nation’s development priorities as well a means of developing innovative, and locally-owned, ways to address these priorities.

What have we accomplished so far?

UNDP UAE has been working closely with the UAE University project team to provide the technical assistance needed to carry out the researches, producing and launching the report. NHDR-in-progress comprises several chapters, drafted by authors (in Arabic), each specialised in a specific thematic area. For quality assurance, UNDP used its network of international experts who reviewed the drafted chapters. Currently, the chapters are being finalised in order to initiate the translation process into English. In parallel, the negotiations have started as to the scope of the report launch event, its agenda and the potential guest speakers.


Who Finances it?

Donor name Amount
UAE University $33,600

Delivery in previous fiscal year

2016 - 2017
UAE University

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