The Abu Dhabi Human Development Report

What is the project about?

 HDRLaunching of the first HDR in Abu Dhabi (photo by: UAE interact)

The 2011-2012 Human Development Report is Abu Dhabi’s maiden report on the state of human development in the emirate. The report reflects Abu Dhabi’s concern for human development as evidenced by the development plans and programmes it has adopted towards achieving progress. The report reveals an advanced level of human development which the emirate was able to realise over the last four decades in the chief areas of education, health and standard of living.

The report shows that such levels of human development would not have been possible without the foresight of the emirate’s political leaders and their keenness to prioritise the building of human capabilities and the optimal use of oil revenues. However, the report also highlights some of the challenges facing human development in Abu Dhabi where growth achieved in many areas is hindered by certain shortcomings that the emirate must acknowledge and address, so as not to undermine its development levels. As such, the report offers an overview of human development in Abu Dhabi from both positive and negative angles.

What have we accomplished so far?

 The report commends the emirate’s focus on planning for economic progress represented in its adoption of the Economic Vision 2030. This vision aims at moving the emirate’s economy from its dependence on natural resources to become environmentally sustainable and knowledge-based by undertaking profound structural reforms in the economy and society on the whole and by creating future projections for industries, workforce skills and types of environment needed to successfully achieve the transformation into an advanced, knowledge-based economy.

Who Finances it?

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