UNDP and the UN System

The Resident Coordinator System
The resident coordinator system (RCS) encompasses all organisations of the UN system dealing with operational activities for development, regardless of their formal presence in the country. The resident coordinator is the designated representative of the Secretary-General and leader of the UN country team. The Bretton Woods institutions and other international organisations, as appropriate, are encouraged to be closely associated with the RCS/country teams. UNDP is the manager and funder of the RCS.

The Resident Coordinator
The RC is designated by the Secretary-General after consultation with ACC members and upon recommendation by the Administrator of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). His/her specific responsibilities and duties are detailed in the RC job description attached to these guidelines. The RC is responsible to the Secretary-General for discharging his/her functions. The RC reports to the Secretary-General through the Administrator.
The RC is normally the UNDP resident representative, in accordance with the established legislation of the General Assembly. The RC, on behalf of the UNS and in consultation with country representatives of organisations of the UNS, assumes overall responsibility for, and coordination of, the operational activities for development of the UNS carried out at the country level. This is done in conformity with the objectives and priorities of the Government and mandates and objectives of the UNS organizations.

The Resident Coordinator System in UAE
In recent years, several UN agencies have set up major operations in the UAE and been hosted in Dubai Humanitarian City. Some of these agencies are operating under the basic agreement between UNDP and the Government of the UAE and are generally reliant upon UNDP for logistical support.

Currently, there are twelve UN agencies with presence in the UAE: UNDP and FAO have country representations in Abu Dhabi, the capital; UNICEF, UNHCR and UNIFEM are also located in Abu Dhabi; WFP, UNDSS, OCHA, OCHA-IRIN, UNHCR and UNU have activities initiated from Dubai but mainly to serve other countries in the region and beyond the region; non-resident UN agencies have activities in the country which are generally implemented in cooperation with UNDP.

UN agencies in the country