Helen Clark with Sheikha Lubna
Helen Clark visits UAE

The Administrator of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Helen Clark, just completed a three day visit to the United Arab Emirates focused on UAE’s work on sustainable development and climate change, development co-operation, and logistical support to facilitate humanitarian efforts. In Abu Dhabi,...

 Global innovation summit Keynote Speech

INNOVATION is key to a new global development agenda. Take our smart phones as an example of a technological innovation; think of the way it changed our lives; but also think of how other innovations using the smartphone as a platform has changed the civic dialogue through social media innovations. Innovations have consequences at the global scale.

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UNDP Youth Leadership Programme II

Should You Participate? Learn about the Sustainable Developmnt Goals. Use social innovation tools to reframe and address social challenges that matter to you/youth. Design and implement projects that will help your communities. Become an agent of change!

Energy Subsidies in the Arab World - Costly & Inefficient - Report

Six of the world’s ten largest energy subsidizers are found in the Arab world, led by Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar. Each of these three countries charges their populations less than a third of international prices for fuel and electricity. While energy subsidies may be seen as achieving some of a country’s...

Promoting Low-Carbon in Dubai

  The United Arab Emirates (UAE) Government has identified energy diversification and climate change as being strategic priorities, despite the fact that, the UAE economy remains both energy and carbon-intensive, even by the standards of the region. Energy intensity is 20.2 MJ/$GDP, compared with 16 MJ/$GDP for...